A new museum located in the heart of the battle field of the Ardennes : Joubiéval.


Situé à Joubieval, le musée présente la Bataille des Ardennes au travers d'objets retrouvés sur et dans le large champ de bataille des Ardennes


Address:          Joubiéval, VIELSALM

Phone:              00 32 (0)496 31 61 74

Email:               bulgerelics@hotmail.com

Website:           http://www.bulge-relics-museum.be


Bastogne War Museum

On March 22, 2014 the famous Mardasson Memorial will be flanked by a new building dedicated to the Remembrance of the Second World War : "the Bastogne War Museum".

The bold architectural concept of the Museum will welcome visitors for a unique journey to the past. The BWM experience wil allow the visitor to step back in time and understand the reality of the Battle of the Bulge.
From the causes of the Battle to its dramatic consequences, the visitor will be immersed in an interactive experience.
The personal testimonies, the many authentic artefacts, the innovative scenography and the experience-orientated approach (3 scenovisions, 3d Multi-sensorial devices) makes the forthcoming Bastogne War Museum a must see.
Furthermore, the new museum area is being developed as a vibrant place and will host many temporary exhibitions and events.
The coffee shop, patio and shop complete the ideal setting for a visit.

Address : Colline du Mardasson, 6600 BASTOGNE
Phone :    32 (0)2 549 60 57
Email :      info@bastognewarmuseum.be



Truschbaum Museum - Elsenborn Camp

Museum inaugurated on September 12, 1998, retracing the history of the Elsenborn Military Camp built in 1895 by the Prussians. This camp served successively an an instruction center, an artillery depot, and would house by Polish and Russian prisonners of war.
The military camp is nowadays occupied by the Belgian army.
The museum immerses visitors in the long history of the camp and also retraces the Battle of the Ardennes period through dioramas and documents of the time.

Open only on Wednesday from 13:00 until 16:00 after reservation by phone.

Truschbaum Museum - Elsenborn  Military Camp
Address :  Camp Elsenborn Lager, 4750 Butgenbach
Phone :     32 (0)2 44 27721 or 44 27722
Fax :         
Email :      CAMPELSENBORN-EM-S5-OFFR@mil.be
Website : http://www.camp-elsenborn.be

La Roche-en-Ardenne, Musée de la Bataille des Ardennes, Belgium

The town is situated on a meander of the River Ourthe and is dominated by the ruins of its medieval castle. It lies 40 kilometers from Bastogne, 20 kilometers from Marche-en-Famenne and 25 kilometers from Houffalize.

Spread over almost 1,500m² (14,350sq.feet) on three floors accessible by lift, the dioramas and showcases display over 1000 dummies of American , British and German soldiers with their equipment and weapons, as well as uniforms given by veterans who fought in the Battle of the Ardennes. 

The museum also displays personal objects found on the battlefield, light and heavy weapons, documents, photographs.


 Rue Chamont 5 6980 La Roche-en-Ardenne Belgium


 +32 84 41.17.25


Web site:


Décembre 1944, Historical Museum La Gleize, Belgium

La Gleize is a village on the Remouchamps-Stavelot-Francorchamps road.
A museum with dioramas displaying the advances of the 1rst SS Panzer and its Kampfgruppe commanded by Lt-Colonel Peiper, as well as the American units that halted the German tanks.
Not forgotting a vast collection of authentique uniforms, weapons, vehicles, insignias, decorations, and dioramas depicting scenes of the Battle of the Bulge (rescue post, telephone exchange, …). It also boasts a rich collections of photographs and a scale model of the village after the battle. Don't miss the wire-guided German "Goliath", a tracked explosive charge guided by cable towards the ennemy lines.
The visit ends with the showing a film containing documentary footage of the times.
Outside: A Königstiger tank (69 tones) which was abandoned by Peiper's unit on 24th December 1944.


Rue de l'Eglise 7 4987 La Gleize – Stoumont Belgium


+32 80 78.51.91


Web site:


Remember Museum 39-45

Mainly dedicated to the 1rst Infantry Division - "The Big Red One" - which liberated the area in September 1944 and later participated in the Battle of the Bulge.
Installed in an old farm, the museum is made up of dioramas representing scenes of the Battle of the Ardennes.
It also houses souvenirs and equipements donated by American Veterans.
It's a museum with human dimension, the major exhibits being a transport truck of the Red Ball Express Normandy-Ardennes and a Sherman tank.
Guided tours : open the 1rst Sunday each month from 9 AM til 6 PM or on appointment for groups of 10 people minimum


Address :       Marcel et Mathilde SCHMETZ, Les Béolles, 4, 4890 THIMISTER-CLERMONT
Phone/ Fax : 32 (0)87 44 61 81
Website :       http://www.remembermuseum.com

Baugnez 44 Historical Center

A memorial to the daily life of soldiers displaying American and German equipment found on the battlefield.
The tours concludes with a film about the "Baugnez Massacre" of Dec. 17, 1944.

Address : route de Luxembourg, 10, 4960 BAUGNEZ MALMEDY
Phone :    32 (0)80 44 04 81
Email :      info@baugnez44.be

websitehttp://www.baugnez44.be   http://www.fivepoints.be

Ardennen Poteau 44 Museum, Belgium

It is a military-historical museum about the Battle of the Bulge situeted in Poteau, a small village in the Belgian Ardennes, where numerous photos were taken during the Battle of the Bulge, after the American "14th Cavalry Group" had gotten in an ambush of the German "Kampfgruppe Hansen" on December 18, 1944.

Tours around the historic battlefield with our two halftracks. An additional hall with life-size dioramas with mannequins in uniforms, old weapons and authentic material. And some vehicles.

It has a new and also family-friendly conception.

Explanations in English!



Poteauerstrasse 22 B-4780 Poteau - Saint Vith Belgium


+32 (0)80 21.74.25


Web site:


Ardennes Country Original Museum

The museum contains a room dedicated to military and civilian life during the Battle of the Bulge, another room dedicated to the region flora and another displaying traditional agricultural and craft tools.

Address : rue de Neufchâteau, 20, 6600 BASTOGNE
Phone :    32 (0)61 21 49 11
                  32 (0)61 21 27 89
Website : http://www.paysdebastogne.be

Bastogne Barracks - Cellar Mc Auliffe

On Dec. 19, 1944, BG Mc Auliffe arrives in Bastogne with his division and he establishes his headquarter at the Heintz Barracks.
On Dec. 22, 1944, he writes  history : he answers "Nuts" to the German troop encircling Bastogne and demanding surrender.

Since 2010, Bastogne Barracks is an Interpretation Center for the Second World War. Be sure to visit "Buts" basement illustrating a decisive step in the Battle of the Bulge, as well as the  numeroous exhibition galleries.
Discover the "Vehicle Restoration Center" giving Royal Military Museum Vehicles a new lease of life.

Address : route de La Roche, 40, 6600 BASTOGNE
Phone :    32 (0)61 24 21 24
Website : http://www.klm-mra.be

Bastogne Ardennes 44 Museum, Bras

Address : Bras, 635, 6600 BRAS (BASTOGNE) on the N84 road Wiltz-Diekirch
Phone :    32 (0) 61 21 78 95
Website : http://www.bastogneardennes44.be

Musée Spitfire Florennes

Built in 1942by the Luftwaffe and liberated in September 1944 by American troops, the aerodrome would be used by the Fighter and Bomber Groups of the USAAF.
Located in the aerodrome buildings, the Museum displays a 1944 MK XIV Spitfire as well as the various types of aircraft that have figured prominently in the history of the Belgian Air Force.
In addition, the museum also covers the history of the aerodrome and of the squadrons that were based there, with many display casses containing photographs, documents, flight-equipment, model aircraft and souvenirs.

Address : Base J. Offenberg, 5620 FLORENNES
Phone :    32 (0)71 68 22 52; Mr Schepers G. : 32 (0)477 88 55 20
Website : http://www.museespitfire.be

Musée du Fort de Loncin, LIEGE

Construit en 1888 par le Général Brialmont le fort est engagé directement dans la bataille de Liège et le 15 août 1914, il reçoit un obus de 42 cm qui le pulvérise devenant ainsi la nécropole de 350 de ses défenseurs.

Address: rue des Héros 15 bis, 4431 LONCIN (Belgium)
Phone :    32 (0)4 246 44 25
Website : http://www.fortdeloncin.com